Dwarf Shrimps - 15 liters

I will do experiments in this 15 liters aquarium. I would like to see which shrimp species will interbreed. I will not sell the interbred shrimplets of course.


Bumblebee shrimplets :-)

I can see at least 8 Bumblebee shrimplets. There must be more in there, hard to say because of the plant density. RCS babys are all over the tank. So far nothing strange has happened. No species have interbred.


Dwarf Shrimp spp.

Female Caridina sp. "Bumblebee" with eggs (4 shrimps);

Crystal Black Shrimp Grade A (4 shrimps); Red Cherry Shrimps (6 shrimps) and Crystal Black Shrimp Grade A
Caridina sp. Green Shrimp (3 shrimps);
Tank planted with Java Moss, Microsorum species. This was established long time ago. I introduced the first shrimps last year, but only Red Cherrys. The rest of the community was introduced a few moth ago. I can already see some Crystal Black shrimplets as well as Red Cherrys. I feed them with Aquatic Nature Shrimp sticks exclusively.

Photos by Dusko Bojic.